The Physic Garden


Hand-cut collages inspired by the shapes found in Edinburgh's Botanical Garden's medicinal herbs. Elements were translated into repeat for a girl's pinafore.

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The paper-cuts were later translated into abstract designs for print and embroidery [see below].




Medicinal Plants


Colour pencil drawings of medicinal plants based upon historic botanical illustrations. 

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Therapeutic Textiles


Using medicinal plants in material and dye form to create textiles that provide therapeutic benefits. The dyes used in clothing can be absorbed into the body through your sweat; by replacing chemicals with natural and medicinal plant dyes, we can benefit. For example, specific plants can be used to aid skin irritation or arthritis. 

2017-04-21 Booklet ST John.jpg

Graphic Design


As part of the Natural Lifestyle project, two booklets were designed and printed: one an informational handbook, the other a portfolio/catalogue. Illustrations were made using Adobe Illustrator and a photoshoot was organised for the catalogue. Copy was written by myself.

Alongside this, I designed and created my own branding. This includes the logo, business cards, any promotional materials and the website (designed and built on Wix).

Isobel Wylie Hutchison Collection

A knitwear collection inspired by the Scottish

arctic explorer and botanist, Isobel Wylie Hutchison, for Carlowrie Castle, Scotland.

The soft merino silk scarves are inspired by Isobel's travels to Alaska and feature dyes native to the region. Whereas the woollen jumpers focus on her time at her ancestral home, Carlowrie Castle, in Scotland. The wool was sourced from a Scottish mill and dyed with heather, all to produce a design inspired by the architecture of the castle. 

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Vegetable Garden

Digitally Printed Cushions

Three designs based upon original drawings, paintings and screen prints, available for sale at Mill Tye Gallery, Suffolk.

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A university project focused on imagery taken from churches and cathedrals, translated into Nordic inspired pattern. Combining drawings with paper cutting to create multi-layered screen prints.


Printing for Paper


Drawings and illustrations translated into screen prints, linocuts and etchings, to be printed by hand.


Fairy Tales

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A university project based upon Grimm's Fairy Tales,

featuring screen-printed fabrics and wallpapers.

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2015-08-09 Shadow Bunny.jpg
2017-05-18 Green Fields_edited.jpg
2015-11-06 Blackberry Painting.jpg
2015-10-23 Strawberry.jpg
2015-10-12 Pumpkins.jpg

A university project based upon fruit and vegetables found in allotments. The project drew inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement and Swedish textile design. Different styles of illustration were explored through screen-separation printing. A traditional chair was reupholstered using screen-printed denim.

British Finalist of the SDC Colour Competition, 2016.