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Hannah Rumsey is a textiles designer based in Suffolk. She graduated with a Masters in Textiles from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2018 where she specialised in the use of natural dyes for medicinal and toxin-free textiles. Her postgraduate work was awarded a first place prize for the use of colour by the Worshipful Company of Dyers.

Hannah embraces traditional crafts and skills such as screen-printing, knitting, natural dyeing, spinning and weaving. She also aspires to a more natural way of living and working, from using only natural fibres to growing her own dye plants. Since a sudden injury in 2020 and subsequent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Hannah has had to truly embrace the slow lifestyle. Due to these new physical limitations, things will be adapting and changing going forward.

For any enquiries, please get in touch using the form on the left, or you can e-mail me directly at

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